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Why TERFs are doomed to exist in their neo-religion of fear, lies and cowardice.

June 13, 2012

TERFs (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists, or Trans Exclusionary “Radical Feminists”) have, for nearly half a century, fought a particularly vicious, deceitful, dishonest and disingenuous campaign against trans people. Whilst denying the use of violence, they have, by proxy, often used violence as a tactic to oppress and suppress trans people. During the 1980s they collaborated with that well-known group of supporters of women’s rights, the Republican Party, to deny large numbers of, mainly poor and ethnic minority trans people, access to healthcare. The result of this was that these, mainly black and Latina trans women, had no other option but to resort to prostitution to try and fund the treatment they required. This ordinance has only recently been changed by the Obama administration. As a direct result for most of the period during the late 1980s, 1990s and the early 2000s the likelihood of being murdered if you were a trans woman in America has been 1:12, this compared with 1:22,000 for the rest of the population. Only this year have we seen a significant reduction in murders of trans people in the US. Yet they have now, quite dramatically, sunk considerably lower.

This time they have targeted a trans child.

Outing individuals who are trans has been a tactic of choice for TERFs for quite a while now. Trans people have been outed on the Internet with no consideration of the harm that might be caused to them and their families. The hypocrisy is of course that one of the principal outers of trans people has remained anonymous. This time however, Cath Brennan, a wealthy and privileged lawyer in the United States has outed a 17-year-old trans child in the UK. He was outed to his school (and quite possibly also to his family) because Brennan “didn’t like” the language he was using. Such is the cossetted privilege of her background, which apparently includes attending one of the most prestigious Catholic universities in America (paid for by Daddy…?) that she has no idea of the kind of language that young people use today. This child had the guts to fight back against a privileged, powerful, well-paid lawyer. He may not yet have developed the skill or experience in politics to do it well, but he is to be admired for having the courage and spirit to have a go.

Brennan, of course, doesn’t have as much courage as this child has in his little fingernail. She picks on people who cannot fight back, who are not fully covered by legal protections and who may be silenced by her outing them. One time she tried to have a go at one of the big names in the trans community all she did was spinelessly provide assistance to someone else to cause trouble for Autumn Sandeen when she got her name changed. For a feminist who claims to be “not of the fun kind” she sure as Hell doesn’t like getting her hands dirty. In the case of Autumn and of this child, she used others to do her dirtywork. The actions of a weak and cowardly individual, someone who likes to look tough but who runs away when the chips are down. Her actions bear all the hallmarks of a lady of privilege who has skivvies to do deal with ordinary people.

Like the rest of the TERFs the most telling part of Brennan’s cowardice is her intellectual cowardice however. Unable to coherently, convincingly or intelligently argue her case she can only attack personally those who disagree with her. This is not merely the intellectual cowardice of the ignorant, but the moral spinelessness of the hypocrite.

Indeed when she does “argue” her arguments consist of minor snipes at small points within a piece. She simply doesn’t have the intellectual nerve to engage in sustained debate over her beliefs. Indeed the title of her blog immediately suggests to anyone that she is not interested in arguing.

Now, for me, not only does that suggest that she is intellectually vacuous but that she is actually subliminally terrified of examining her own view of the world. She has invested too much in her involvement with TERFism that she cannot engage with any arguments about trans people and feminism, except abusively, or with trans people excluded. This perhaps explains the gutlessness of her personality. There is a whole PhD to be had for a psychologist willing to analyse her outpourings in cyberspace.

Yet her weakness is the weakness of TERFism itself. This is a pitiful band of frightened mice, whose only defence against their social and intellectual vulnerabilities is to exclude not only anyone who disagrees with them, but people they think are not like them. Their dogma is so weak they have to organise like a religion in order to protect their faith in a doctrine that can no longer stand up to rational argument. They are like religious fundamentalists when confronted with evidence that their God is a fiction. They have taken to provoking abuse as a cover for the desperate paucity of their doctrine.

So her outing of this child, personifies the neo-religion that TERFism has become, so desperate to protect their house of cards, they have resorted to what can only be described as ever more desperate attempts to intimidate, erase and silence trans people; that’s why they have decided to go after children. Of course child abusers always try to defend the indefensible, but let’s face it TERFs have plenty experience of trying to do just that.

The appalling, childish, dishonest and spiteful antics of the TERFs is a direct result of their bankrupt ideology. They cannot argue, they cannot engage in rational discussion, they cannot support their case with anything but the flimsiest borderline “evidence”. This is why they have had to resort to these tactics, this is why they will continue these atrocities; quite simply, they have nowhere else to go.

In the final analysis I have almost stopped feeling angry with them. The intellectual cowardice and emotional desperation manifest in their behaviour has made anger start to give way to pity.

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