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Resist RadFem 101 – Links Round-Up

May 27, 2012

Updated: 5/6/2012

Why should feminists resist RadFem 2012?

What is transphobia and how is RadFem 2012 perpetrating it through their entrance policy and speakers?

Many feminists (both trans* people and allies) have been blogging and writing insightful articles on exactly these issues. Here we aim to collect their posts to form a sort of primer for anyone interested in learning more.

If you have written or read something that isn’t on this list please add it in the comments.

Many of these links come courtesy of the excellent round-up curated by Unquiet Slumber.

Feminist Perspectives on Resisting RadFem2012

“I oppose you not because I hate you, and certainly not because I oppose feminism. I oppose you because you would cause me harm.”

Transactivist pens an insightful and beautifully written letter to those who would attend RadFem 2012. If you only read one piece on this issue, this should be it.

Cisginger Transgender discuss why transphobic values are patrticarchal values.

Orlando at Lashings of Ginger Beer expresses optimism at the feminist backlash to RadFem 2012.

“The fact that some people know they are male or female regardless of the sex they were assigned at birth is enough for me, because I respect other people’s lived experiences. I don’t want to sit around “critiquing” trans people’s identity because – aside from the fact that this basically boils down to a disgusting debate on whether people have the right to exist – as a cis person I’m in absolutely no position to understand. And, quite frankly, it’s none of my business.”

Laura at The F-Word UK explains why there’s nothing radical about transphobia.

“If the Radfem conference’s ultimate aim is the dissolution of gender, why is it starting by instituting a definition of gender that explicitly excludes women with a non-standard experience of gender?”

Rhiannon at 100 miles from the sea gives three reasons why excluding transwomen is anti-feminist.

Sarah Ditum points out the contradictions inherent in a ‘women born women’ entrance policy.

“The aim was always to simply exclude – based on what some people aren’t, rather than what they are. That, in my opinion, is ciscentric othering writ large, gender policing by people who simultaneously claim to want to dismantle gender.”

Helen G at The F-Word UK offers an analysis of the phrase “Women Born Women”.

Roz Kaveney provides an excellent and clear summary of the often cultish and dangerous behaviour of TERFs in the Guardian.

Sophie Warnes blogs for the Independent on the issue (warning for some potentially problematic language use here).

“…there cannot be a place for feminism if it is only going to invite a subset of women (i.e. only cis) to the party.”

Rebecca’s Dystopia coins the phrase “you-can’t-come-innery”.

“Gender policing one another on femininity is the antithesis of what feminism is about. If I want to be sized up for daintiness and probability of possessing ovaries, the patriarchy will oblige any day of the week. In feminist space, I want to be taken for who I am on my own terms, thanks.”

Biological Oddity tackles the notion of being ‘raised female’.

Julian Norman at The F-Word UK on the legalities of excluding trans women from women only spaces.

Transmeditations offers five reasons the ‘women born women living as women’ policy is wrong.

Who Does She Think She Is? offers a parent’s perspective.

Those Pesky Dames have produced two videos – No Feminism without Trans* Feminism, and Trans* Inclusive Feminism

xxRacheyGirlxx writes about The Hypocricy of Radical Feminism’s stance on Transgender Theory

Conference Venue – Conway Hall

Zoe O’Connell at Complicity covers the hypocrisy of Conway Hall standing against discrimination unless it’s transphobia, and their response to criticism so far.

Public Statements Resisting RadFem 2012

“We are committed to ending transphobia – within our unions and universities, our movement, and in feminism and society more generally – and as such we condemn RadFem’s policy.”

– NUS Women’s Campaign

“WomCam has members who identify with different feminisms, who would disagree on many different things. However, transphobia has absolutely no place in any conception of any feminism we would care to endorse.”

– OUSU Women’s Campaign

Brighton Feminist Collective

RHUL Fem Soc

NUS LGBT Campaign

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  1. Hi, I don’t know if a video counts but we had a couple up on Those Pesky Dames last week in response to RadFem2012:

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    I add my take on all this via my o

  3. XxRacheygirlxX permalink

    My own blog entry: The Hypocricy of Radical Feminism’s stance on Transgender Theory

    • resistradfem2012 permalink

      Thank you! I am adding this to the list now

      – Unquiet

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